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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Safety Switches/RCD’s?

On a normal power circuit, electricity starts on the Active cable (red) and returns on the Neutral cable (black). If there is a breakdown the electricity can leak through the Earth cable (green/yellow) and then through a person touching the metal body of an appliance. This could cause an Electric Shock or worse Fatality. A Safety Switch detects the loss of power from the circuit and cuts the supply of electricity.

What should I do if my Safety Switch keeps tripping?

UNPLUG ALL APPLIANCES. The most common causes can be heating appliances such as faulty kettles, toasters, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and fridges, even range hoods and any other appliance plugged into a power point.

If you feel you have done all you can and still cant get the Safety Switch to stay on, call us for an immediate inspection.

Why do my Circuit Breakers keep tripping?

Circuit breakers are designed primarily to protect your cables from Overcurrent. Prolonged exposure to Overcurrent becomes a fire hazard. A circuit breaker will limit the risk.

Do I need to use a Qualified Electrician?

Definitely all electrical work needs to certified to uphold your insurance obligations. The electrical trade is one of the most dangerous of all trades, If you don’t wire your home correctly and properly protect your cables, you could cause a fire, electrical shock or fatality.

Why should I replace my existing lights for LED?

LED lights are the latest technology that reduce the amount of electricity used on lighting. LED can provide up 75% less power consumption than standard halogen downlights and can provide saving of up to $1000 per year. In addition LED lights are brighter, greater coverage and safer than traditional lights.

Is Maroondah Electrical & Data insured?

Yes! You can have piece of mind knowing that all our work is covered by our insurance and compliance certificate.

Why does my powerpoint not work?

There could be a breakdown of the cable somewhere. It could be at a powerpoint or at a junction box where multiple cable join together or there could be a cut/damaged cable. Contact us for a free quotation 03 9738 2000.

Why does my light switch flash and crackle when I turn it on an off?

This is a common sign that the switch has broken on one side and a mechanism is not making correct contact. It’s a simple fix and we are only a call away 03 9738 2000.

Why do my downlights turn themselves off?

If you have old downlights they will produce a lot of heat! They are connected to a transformer which will have an overheating function. If it randomly turns off and then comes back on a few minutes later. Consider installing LED lights for a safer, brighter and more cost effective solution.

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