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Smoke Alarms

We all hope that the smoke alarms in our house will never be needed, but if they are, you want to make sure that your devices are properly installed and working correctly.  

At Maroondah Electrical we can install, service and maintain your home’s smoke alarms, ensuring your units are functioning safely and efficiently and providing you with peace of mind.

A poorly fitted or malfunctioning smoke alarms can be the difference between saving and losing your property, and can greatly increase the risk of you and your family being harmed if a fire was to break out in your home. Our electricians are all fully licenced and insured, offering all of our smoke alarm maintenance and fitting services at a competitive and fixed price.  

The Maroondah Electrical team will be able to determine the places in your home where the alarms will be most effective, ensuring that everyone in the property will be quickly warned at the first indication of smoke or fire.

So when you’re looking to make your home as safe and secure as possible, turn to the team with over 20 years of industry experience. Call Maroondah Electrical today on 03 9738 2000 to speak to one of our qualified electricians and to secure a free quote.

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